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THURSDAY, June 3rd

{ 3pm }Office opens for Check ins
{ 3pm-6:00pm } Merchant Move In
{ 4pm } Bar opens
{ 6:30pm } Gala Welcome Dinner - Return from Wonderland* A 10/6 course meal with Light Entertainment
*Regular dinner service NOT available. Advance registration required! Click here for details.

FRIDAY, June 4th

{ 12pm-10pm } Information and Ticket Table open
{ 12pm } Bar opens (with lunch menu)
{ 3pm-6pm } Guerilla Bocce
{ 4pm } Outdoor bar opens
{ 4pm-6pm } Brawling Booth with Theron
{ 4pm-10pm } Croquet Makers table (mallets and limited supplies available, or bring your own. Donation for supplies appreciated)
{ 4:30pm-9pm } Restaurant open for dinner
{ 5pm } Afternoon booze cruise ($20)
{ 7pm-10pm } Tea Party in the Tent
{ 8pm } Sunset booze cruise ($20)

SATURDAY, June 5th

{ 9am-11am } Breakfast in the restaurant
{ 10am-12pm } Swap meet in the green space (in the tent in inclement weather)
{ 11am } Family Boat Cruise (n/a) $15 adults $10 kids
{ 10am-6pm } Information and Ticket Table open
{ 12pm } Bar opens (lunch)
{ 12pm } Outside bar opens
{ 1pm } Booze Cruise with Joe Vourteque ($20)
{ 1pm } Rum tasting with Captain PJ (in the tent)
{ 1:30pm-2:30pm } Photo Opp with Mermaid Echo
{ 2:00pm } Croquet Tournement
{ 2:30pm } Booze Cruise with Mermaid Echo
{ 3:45pm } Swim with Mermaid Echo!
{ 2pm-4pm } Brawling Booth with Theron
{ 4:30pm } Booze Cruise with One or More Sons of Temperance
{ 5pm } Restaurant opens for dinner
{ 6:30pm } Evening Booze Cruise with Captain Jes
{ 8pm-9pm } Variety Show!
{ 10pm-12pm } Dance Party with Vourteque! (In the tent)

SUNDAY, June 6th

{ 9am-11am } breakfast in the restaurant
{ 10am } Mimosa Cruise
{ 12pm } Mini Steamboat Regatta, on the beach! Click here for Rules and Info!
{ 12pm } Bar opens for lunch
{ 2pm } Thanks for coming to Cog County 7.5! Mark your calendars for next year, June 2-5 2021


Steampunk Lego Expo
Steampunk lego creations. Accepting entries starting Noon Friday. Judging 6pm Saturday. Winners announced Saturday night. Creations should use at least 90% Lego brand building blocks. Click here for details.

Prizes for: most creative use of single LEGO piece, best use of pink colored bricks, best integration of Alice in Wonderland theme, and best of show

Sons of Temperance Medicine Shows
Visit the Medicine Wagon and let the Sons of Temperance cure what ails you! At the very least, they are sure to cure your doldrums!

Tintype Photography

Shenanigans and Carrying On